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The Accidental Pinup is Here! + Interview with Danielle Jackson

Posted on July 26th, 2022

Vibe Check

We took a break and feel great! But we’re so happy to be back!!

Danielle is attempting to go on vacation and release a book and work at the bookshop all at the same time. But she actually updated the News and Events sections of her website—go look at them!

Gwen got a NEW PUPPY (who is noisily chewing/playing with her bone throughout this episode)! That is both her vibe and her achievement this week, and we are here for it.


What pop culture have we been consuming this summer?

We both HIGHLY recommend The Bear (FX on Hulu).

What Gwen is watching: Loot (Apple TV+), Barry (HBO Max)

What Danielle is watching: Heartstopper (Netflix), Ms. Marvel (Disney+) Queen Sugar (OWN/Hulu), Wimbledon

What Gwen is reading: Meet Me in The Bathroom by Lizzie Goodman

What Danielle is reading: Fake It Till You Bake It by Jamie Wesley, Heartbreaker by Sara MacLean (August), Our Missing Hearts by Celeste Ng (October); re-reads: the entire Reluctant Royals Series by Alyssa Cole, all of Lore Olympus on Webtoons

What Gwen is listening to: Podcasts: You Must Remember This, Spectacle podcast, You’re Wrong About (Go Ask Alice); Music: Wet Leg, WILLOW, Beyonce, Bob Moses

What Danielle is listening to: Podcasts: Newcomers (MCU season), Wait is This a Date w/ Drew Gregory and Christina Tucker; Music: Harry’s House


Interview with Danielle Jackson (we know her!)

THE ACCIDENTAL PINUP hits stores on July 19th!

For buy links and info to order personalized, signed copies from independent bookstores:



Goals/Comfort & Joy

Danielle didn’t really spend a ton of time outside like she wanted to (plans to make up for this in FL!)… This week, Danielle wants to focus on enjoying vacation and her book launch week!!!! She has found immense comfort in Ben & Jerry’s Stephen Colbert’s Americone Dream Ice Cream and Pilot Acroball Fine Point ballpoint pens (Gwen recommends Pentel Energel RTX pens as well)

Gwen did cook for herself while her husband was on a business trip, but then her fridge died, so... This week, Gwen wants to potty train her new pup, Aria! Her comfort this week comes from La Colombe Coffee (found at our beloved Costco, natch)



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