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e0102: NAILED IT, LADIES FIRST, and an interview with Mark Greaney

Posted on March 19th, 2018

The Fresh Fiction Podcast is brought to you by REVELL and BETHANY HOUSE, who is celebrating the release of THE HEART’S APPEAL by Jennifer Delamere this March. This historical romance brings Victorian England to life as aspiring doctor Julia Bernay (yes, you heard that right, a woman doctor in the 1800s) tries to navigate her studies while falling for a disgraced Barrister named Michael Stephenson, whose only goal is to repair his family’s reputation. Sparks fly as Julia and Michael try to fight the attraction they feel for each while searching for common ground. You can buy THE HEART’S APPEAL by Jennifer Delamere in bookstores and online today.


Hi guys! Welcome back to the Fresh Fiction Podcast, where we break down all the fun things we’ve watched, read, and listened to this week. I’m your new best friend, Gwen Reyes, and today I’m reviewing the newish Netflix series NAILED IT. As well as sharing my thoughts on a recently launched podcast series about the American First Ladies called LADIES, FIRST. And after the rundown I’ll interview suspense writer MARK GREANEY about the newest book in his GRAY MAN series, AGENT IN PLACE.