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Episode 0110: Interview with Patricia Bradley, author of JUSTICE BETRAYED

Posted on July 3rd, 2018

The Fresh Fiction Podcast is brought to you by REVELL BOOKS and BETHANY HOUSE, publishers of the new books JUSTICE BETRAYED by Patricia Bradley.

Today I’m joined by PATRICIA to talk about JUSTICE BETRAYED, cold case mysteries, and why Elvis Week in Memphis was the perfect place to set a murder.

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JUSTICE BETRAYED by Patricia Bradley

Memphis Cold Case #3

Justice Betrayed

Two unsolved murders seventeen years apart become personal when Detective Rachel Sloan discovers a connection to her own mother’s death in a burglary-gone-wrong. Can she solve the cases before she becomes the next victim?


It’s Elvis Week in Memphis, and homicide Detective Rachel Sloan isn’t sure her day could get any stranger when aging Elvis impersonator Vic Vegas asks to see her. But when he produces a photo of her murdered mother with four Elvis impersonators—one of whom had also been murdered soon after the photo was taken—she’s forced to reevaluate. Is there some connection between the two unsolved cases? And could the recent break-in at Vic’s home be tied to his obsession with finding his friend’s killer?


When yet another person in the photo is murdered, Rachel suddenly has her hands full investigating three cases. Lieutenant Boone Callahan offers his help, but their checkered romantic past threatens to get in the way. Can they solve the cases before the murderer makes Rachel victim number four?


Thriller | Inspirational Romance [Revell, On Sale: June 5, 2018, Paperback / e-Book, ISBN: 9780800727161 / eISBN: 9781493413942]


review.jpgCan a killer be caught or will personal relationships get in the way?