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E0103: LOVE, SIMON review and interview with Irene Hannon

Posted on May 1st, 2018

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Hi guys! Welcome back to the Fresh Fiction Podcast, where we break down all the fun things we’ve watched, read, and listened to this week. I’m your new best friend, Gwen Reyes, and today I’m joined by my best friend, Alicia Vinas, who stopped by to watch LOVE, SIMON with me.


Also on today’s episode, I chatted with author Irene Hannon about her newest book, PELICAN POINT. Make sure you stick around for that very fun interview.


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After inheriting a crumbling lighthouse, Dr. Ben Garrison is more than ready to get rid of it until he meets a determined Marci Weber who wants to save the landmark. Can she make him see her point of view?


A crumbling lighthouse is not part of the inheritance Army doctor Ben Garrison expects to claim when he journeys to Hope Harbor. Fresh out of the service, he wants only to unload the tower of bricks, decompress from years of treating battlefield trauma, and prepare to launch his civilian career.


Hope Harbor Herald editor Marci Weber has other ideas. She may not be a Hope Harbor native, but the small Oregon seaside town has become home--and she's determined to save the Pelican Point landmark.


Sparks fly as the two go head to head over the fate of the lighthouse. But when they start to cooperate, a different kind of fire ignites. And as they work together, might Hope Harbor heal the hearts of these two romance-wary souls?


Bestselling author Irene Hannon invites readers back to their favorite town for a story that will light a beacon of hope within their hearts.


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